What Completes the Rain

What completes the rain is the dialect it speaks in the season in which it is born

The winter chorus of the winds horn is as natural to the cold rain

As the ancient Hiada tribes are in the North

Fearless and Proud

When the rain whispers of the sun's breath like a mistress asking for forgiveness

The thunderclouds will bridge the medium exposing her to Spring

The summer melody of the gentle rains are kissed by the dreams 

of newborns caressing their toes in the grass from the nearest encounter of heaven to  the furthest part of earth

You can hear me silent, comforting and near

When the Fall moon forces the rain she illuminates the dying leaves of the patch

and crystallizes the crests of the sea graceful and unbound

Hallowed and sincere I am.

Thoughts and Insight from the Author:

"There is a purpose no matter how big or small fragmented or fixed,  tangible  or unchangeable with Nature, for it is the fuel that supplies the heart center to all things living into becoming."

©June 2013