Reflections of a Salmon Ceremony on the Cowlitz River

  • Reflections of a Salmon Ceremony on The Cowlitz River

    A great day today-- here is my latest poem that I gifted to Roy Wilson, Honorary Chief-Spiritual leader of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. It was well received and he loved it that he shared it during his teachings--Wopila!

    Reflections of a Salmon Ceremony on The Cowlitz River

    The night fell swiftly and the brilliant sun rose
    high East on the horizon
    And the songbirds shake their drowsy
    dreams awake

    The woodlands are magnified by the sun reflecting 
    on the voluptuous river
    And the day greeted me like a hero
    a sacrifice for a feast to make

    Today is a good day -------
    The ancient songs of gratitude and drums
    are astir along the mountainside
    echoing deep it lifts my quivering heart
    And the breath of the great trees cradle
    me with their strength

    In an instant I am retrieved upon the boat
    my soul is gently afloat
    Soaring above the clouds, the sleeping moon 
    my river and the stars my chariot 
    there will be no fear-- no more
    I am One with the Great Spirt 
    Descended and free, extended through
    Light, Air, Earth, Ocean, Man and Spirit ----Eternally

    Author: Angela Mendola April 2, 2015 ©