Freedom Chased the Wind

Freedom chased the wind from Antietam to Devil's Den. Like a tumbleweed of men dressed in blue and grey gathered underneath the lonely sky with no destination lost on a sunken road like quick sand and all that was and is today, are buckles, buttons and badges collected by a stranger’s hand.

How majestic the earth's form no matter how far or close we are adorned decorated in blue and circular rings like valor from God's wedding band eternal and true.

He created me and you and the trees and leaves and ocean reefs came to be and the sound of things living and the echoes of unliving heard with the energy of cold and sudden warmth from the chill of the storms of the years or blown stacks of smoke of tobacco of new world natives and the sweetness of the first fruit and its oils or the feeling of wet soil on a baby's bare feet our vision was not compensated by fear and the third eye left undenied.

Where lions could once swim at sea and penguins in the desert roamed peacefully with their flock of chicks unfleeting, a place where the first forest limbs where gathered and bridged man and ocean to together to discover languages and latitudes of continents and nations loving.

In the beginning of time where clarity of all things where unmuted or unharmed  and our hearts unmeasured when time was your compass.

If we only lived like it was the beginning of time, there will be no end of time.

Heaven's salty rain will never fall upon us like the tears in Afghanistan and there will be no more wars thereafter. 

My soul is a thirsty ghost for I am ageless for hope evaporating from sea to sea and coast to coast. Let chance find peace in darkness where it flows and on the pages of history recognized and given a voice of solitude to humankind to defuse the ego of the perpetual dream chained by life’s heavy demand no longer will remain a footprint in the quick sand and united we will forever stand.


©June 2013