Dear Father

Since you left this earth the world outside appears rather different but from the depths of my heart I see with deep clarity in my image of you.

When I travel to Italy and I feel the Sicilian sun caress my face, I will think of you or when I taste the voluptuous fruit of its soil, I will recall the joys they brought to our kitchen table.

When I see a Father teaching their child how to swim or ride a bike, I will remember you.

When I am weak and I need to stand tough and strong, I will be empowered by the sprit of you.

When I go to the Opera and listen carefully, your memory will vibrate in the music.

When I set a Holiday table with special delicacies, I will always celebrate you.

When I brush my hair in the mirror, I will see your reflection in me.

When I reach for a blanket when I am not feeling well, I will feel your warmth and think of the many times you cared for me.

When I see our family and friends, we will smile when we tell stories of you and honor you, dear father.

But most of all, from the inside out -- looking though the window of the house from where you once dwelled, I will gaze out into the garden that you tended and even though the seasons will pass, the flowers you planted will always bloom in our hearts and remind me of all the love we have for you…and it will comfort me.

©June 2013