I think of you more than I should.

Do you ever think of me?

Could it be so?

At times, life’s contradictions seem to grow.

Can these ashes of memories return to birth?

Of sweet consciousness?

As Angel’s lips whisper a song of freedom’s delight

Lead me to spring, chase away winter’s plight.

Show me what I am? Am I worthy of?

I want to love you the way the earth loves the sky.

I want to touch you the way darkness cradles the stars.

I want to kiss you the way the rain kist sunflower fields

Release me…

You are?

Sugarcane caressed fingertips.

Are you?

A camouflage of strength in a forest of lies.

At times life’s contradictions

Seem to grow.

Let me hear your voice

Again like a baby’s

First words repeat

Show me…

Lead me to you.

©June 2013