I would like to thank some of my family members who have encouraged me through the years to always write poetry. Primarily, my dear Mother, Rosaria, my muse in heaven.  At a very young age, when I was only as tall as the kitchen counter, I would write stories on a paper napkin with her eyeliner while she was drinking coffee and making toast for me. And she always wondered how I could write so often and so descriptively as a child.  I never got to replace her eyeliner, but I thank her so very much for the life and love she has given me.

Also, to my sister, Linda, who always gave me the courage to be true to myself and not be afraid to express myself in ways I was often told not to.

For my dear husband, Jonathan, you have always supported me through the years and inspire to be a better person because of you and your honesty. Thank you!

Lastly, my  friends, followers and fans, I hope to give you inspiration and insight where at times we are so challenged by what life often presents to us and let love and peace always shine through your heart so you can be a beacon of light to others.